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PLEASE NOTE: Some of these videos include actual surgical procedures.

The new EPIC Anterior Plate is the newest addition to the ever growing family of Lanx Spinal Implants. It provides superior anterior fixation for use in thoracolumbar fusion procedures and its ease of use results in minimizing surgical steps.
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A treatment for compression fractures of the spine, kphoplasty is a cementing of the fracture performed through the back that heals the fracture surgically. Compression fractures are caused by trauma and osteoporosis.
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The Anatomic Facet Replacement System was created as an alternative to spinal fusion surgery. An advantage of the Facet Replacement surgery includes the replacement of the diseased facet joint with an anatomical implant.
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A new approach to lumbar fusion. Developed by Alphatec Spine.
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WJCW Interview on Spinal Stenosis
Dr. Lorio’s interview with WJCW where he talks about his visit to China and his keynote address where the topic was “Posterior Dynamic Stabilization”. The concept behind this interview focuses on motion preservation.

Medtech Matters Spine Stabilization
A broadcast of Dr. Lorio speaking on the Stabilimax NZ implantable device used as an alternative to fusion surgery. In this episode, Dr. Lorio explains why he believes the new Stabilimax NZ procedure has the potential to reduce pain and suffering for the millions in the baby boomer population who suffer from the common spinal condition known as Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.

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