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Rocky's Power Point on Management of Hand Trauma
Surgeon and therapist management of mutilating hand trauma with patient perspective. (Contains graphic photos)
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Bristol Regional Hand Therapists Makes Presentation at National Conference
Kim Masker, a certified hand therapist at Bristol Regional Medical Center, recently delivered a presentation on finger reconstruction during a national symposium in San Francisco.
Masker, who spoke at a joint meeting of the American Society of Hand Surgeons and the American Society of Hand Therapists, presented “The Use of Artificial Dermal Graft Integra as a Bridge to Finger Reconstruction.” Her poster presentation, one of just 12 selected for the meeting, was based on a research project with Dr. Morgan Lorio, a board-certified surgeon at Bristol Regional.
Integra graft material can be used to help patients who have suffered fingertip amputations or other wounds.

BRMC Physicians Treat First Osseo-Fix Patient in TN
The OsseoFix is an innovative treatment for vertebral compression fractures, a painful medical condition that primarily affects patients with osteoporosis. Dr. Morgan Lorio, an orthopedic spine surgeon with NeuroSpine Solutions in Bristol, performed today’s procedure and said it went smoothly and quickly. Dr. John Testerman, also an orthopedic spine surgeon with NeuroSpine Solutions, was an integral part of the case and assisted Dr. Lorio in targeting the spinal fractures.
The OsseoFix implant is made of a titanium alloy and pure titanium and forms a cage-like design inside the vertebral body. The device is placed in a controlled manner and is deployed so that it builds an optimal combination with the sponge-like bone found inside the vertebra. Bone cement is added to the deployed implant to strengthen the construct.
The combination of bone, cement and the implant mimics the support system naturally present inside the vertebral body. The device is implanted through a minimally invasive surgical procedure. “Due to the cement’s interdigitation with the bone and the stability provided by the titanium implant, I was required to use only 50 percent of the amount of bone cement that I would be required to use for the current standards of care,” Dr. Lorio said. “OsseoFix allows the cement to go exactly where I want it to go. This reduces the risk of surgical complications.”
The implant assists in preventing the collapse of the vertebra during surgery and during the period when the cement hardens. Therefore the highest possible stability of the vertebra is allowed. The procedure takes about 30 minutes per vertebra, which is extremely important for older patients, because reducing surgery time lowers stress on the body.
The OsseoFix study is a prospective, multi-center clinical study that is being conducted to support the 510(k) clearance for the OsseoFix Spinal Fracture Reduction System. Drs. Testerman and Lorio are enrolling patients who may benefit from OsseoFix repair of vertebral compression fractures.

Dr. Lorio Makes in East Tn. Medical News
As the lead clinical investigator of a research study investigating the Stabilimax NZ Dynamic Stabilization System, Dr. Lorio has "put East Tennessee on the map" according to the East Tennessee Medical News publication's November issue. You can read the article here.

Dr. Lorio Recieves 2008 Innovation Award

Dr. Lorio is the first physician in the United States to implant a device called the Stabilimax NZ Dynamic Spine Stabilization System across two spinal segments as part of a national research study. Lorio’s first patient was a 68-year-old retired nurse — Barbara Lorio, his mother. She had suffered excruciating pain that would start in her lower back and run through her legs. Lorio could have treated his mother with a traditional "spinal fusion" — a common surgical remedy for those with chronic back and leg pain — but Lorio said that even a good outcome after a spinal fusion can decrease a patient's mobility. He should know. He's had spinal fusion surgery himself.

Now Hiring!!

Neuro-Spine Solutions is currently looking for energetic individuals for mid-level providers and office staff. Contact Jennifer Worley for more info.

New Workman's Comp. Page

Our newly added workman's compensation page is now available for your convenience. It includes direct links to your state's worker's comp service providers. Find the latest news, facts, and forms available to employers, employees and insurance companies.
The page also has contact information to the Neuro-Spine Solutions Case Coordinator. Click here to visit the page.

Welcome Our New Physician Assistants
Neuro-Spine Solutions welcomes Andy Justis. He is a board certified physician assistant and will be working in both the surgical and non-surgical aspects in copanion with Dr. Lorio.
See their profiles here

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New Podcast Page
The group at Neuro-Spine Solutions has teamed up with their website designers at MWM Creations and have added podcast features for audio and video contained here on the website.. Click here to visit the new podcast page.

Neuro-Spine Solutions Welcomes Kelly Egbert, P.A.

Recently the staff at Neuro-Spine Solutions acquired Kelly Egbert, a physician assistant who practices both independently as well as in companion with Dr. Testerman.
Read her complete bio on the physicians page.

Today is the release of our new web design. We have refreshed the look and feel of our website as well as added some new content. There is also a newly designed patient packet for our new patients.
It is our goal to keep the most up to date news and information available to you as a visitor, patient or phsician.

New Videos on Neuro-Spine

With the holidays over we've added some new videos to our website. The videos are involved in the description of treatment options for various pathological conditions. During your visit here, please take a moment to check out the new media.
You can see the video creations by clicking here.

WJCW Radio Interview on Spinal Stenosis Breakthrough
Recently Dr. Lorio appeared at the second international congress of China for the Orthopedic Association to give a keynote speaker address concerning motion preservation through the use of the Stabilimax system. Dr. Lorio addressed the largest group of spine surgeons ever assembled in the history of orthopedic medicine.
Click here to listen to the radio broadcast.

Lending a Helping Hand -- Saving a Patient's Finger
When Paul Harper decided to spend the Labor Day holiday at a cabin near Dollywood, he had no idea he’d come home with a terrible souvenir. A tiny red bumb on his finger was the first sign that something was terribly wrong. Paul had been bitten by a spider, or perhaps stung by a scorpion, a surprising common household pest in East Tennessee.
Even with antibiotics prescribed by his doctor the wound didn't heal. After being seen in the emergency department at Bristol Regional Medical Center, he was immediately referred to Dr. Lorio who is a fellowship- trained hand surgeon at the hospital's hand center.
Click here to read the full story.

Dr. Lorio First to Implant Two-Level 'Motion Preserving' Spinal Device for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
It’s good to be first. But first you have to be good. Meet Dr. Morgan Lorio. An orthopedic surgeon in Bristol, Tennessee, Dr. Lorio is the first physician in the U.S. to implant the Stabilimax NZ Dynamic Spine Stabilization System across two spinal segments. This work, part of a randomized, controlled, national research study, is comparing posterior dynamic stabilization in patients using the Stabilimax NZ device to patients receiving traditional fusion surgery to treat their lumbar spinal stenosis .Click here to read the full story.

Is your child carrying too much weigh on their shoulders?
While the concern of middle school and high school students is about tests, quizzes, and making friends, they may be carrying too much of a load on their shoulders -- in their backpack. Take it from one father, Dr. Morgan Lorio who knows about kids, backs and backpacks.
Click here to read the full story.

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