Current FDA Trials

Concerning all of the Neuro-Spine Solutions FDA trials, please inquire through the contact page of this website or email our research staff at for information on all of our current trials.


Puregen Logo_smThis new product from Alphatec Spine initiates the natural healing response in bone fusion procedures.

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This trial is comparing the use of the patient’s own bone alone to mixing this bone with a bone graft substitute to achieve fusion of the lumbar spine. The procedure can be performed through the abdomen (anterior lumbar interbody fusion) or through the back (posterior Lateral fusion). Subjects will be followed out in the study two years postoperatively. For more information please visit

Stabilimax NZ™

This trial is testing a new dynamic stabilization technology for the lumbar spine. The procedure will stabilize the lumbar spine while providing for motion similar to your normal spine. This is superior to fusion because it allows the patient to maintain mobility of the spine. For more information about enrolling in the trial or to see if you are a candidate please visit or call 1-866-257-1525.

ACADIA-Facet Solutions

chromedThe Facet Solutions clinical research trial is currently enrolling. This randomized trial is used in the treatment of leg and back pain. The ACADIA device is a “Non-Fusion” device to be used in the lumbar spine. The device replaces degenerative facets and is like a “total knee replacement” for the spine. This exciting trial has patients returning to work even at two weeks after surgery!
Call toll free at 1-877-788-3952 or visit to learn more or to see if you are a candidate.

OsseoFix Spinal Fracture Reduction System- Alphatec Spine

The OsseoFix spinal device is used in the treatment of painful vertebral compession fractures. These types of fractures can be treated in a more exact controlled way for direct success with this device.
Visit Alphatec Spine for information. Also, be sure to contact our research staff at

Kinegraph VMA (Former OSMIA), OrthoKinematics

The Kinegraph VMA is a diagnostic tool used to evaluate motion in the spine. Never before have your doctors been able to study over 300 images of your spine in motion! We are currently studying patients who are already or will be involved in the Stabilimax research study.
NEW FOR 2010! We project that the exciting information obtained from these x-rays will prompt the studying of other patients involved in clinical research trials or even normal patients.

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