Workers' Compensation

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A work comp meeting at Carolina Steel in Bristol, Virginia. From left to right: Phil Aiello ( Plant Supervisor), Randy Bayliff ( Safety Supervisor), Dr. John Testerman, Dr. Morgan Lorio, and Tina Blevins (Neuro-Spine Solutions Work Comp coordinator).

If you are an employer and would like to meet with Neuro-Spine Solutions about work compensation issues, please visit our contact page.

Our Worker’s Compensation Coordinator is Donna Groseclose . If you have questions concerning your case, you can contact her by calling the office or by sending her an email.

News for Employers

Neuro-Spine Solutions welcomes Worker’s Compensation Patients. We understand the importance of efficient quality care for injured workers. We work closely with Employers, Adjusters, as well as Nurse Case Managers to facilitate care to insure a timely and safe return to the work force.

As part of our patients’ care we often like to visit work sites. This gives the Physicians the opportunity to talk one on one with employers to address any questions or concerns.injured worker will return to. All of this is in effort to expedite patient treatment and allow them to join the workforce in some capacity as soon as medically appropriate.

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